Stillwater club meeting on the air. All welcome to join.

Stillwater’s Saturday club meeting has been moved from in person to on the air and all are invited to attend.

 the SARA meeting for March has been cancelled. Shortly after the decision to cancel was made, Boutwells Landing informed us that they were restricting access to the facility. The staff thanked us for being proactive.
We will gather on the air Saturday morning with a Get On The Air Meeting or “GOTAM” in lieu of our regular meeting, We will begin at about 9:15 AM. 
Here’s how we’ll do it. There will be 2 bands used, 75 meters and 2 meters. Those with capabilities to get on 75 meters, we’ll meet at 3.856 +/- QRM. If you can’t get on HF in general, or 75-meters due to antenna issues, we will be in the SARA repeater at 147.060 +Offset 026 Normal DCS/DCTS. 
Your hosts/facilitators will be Jim WØELC on 75 meters and Joe KCØOIO on the SARA repeater. Between the two of us, we’ll cross band simulcast as much as we can so that all can hear the full gathering. We’ll have a couple of topics for discussion during the course of the gathering to keep things interesting.  

For those of you out of town members, SARA members have access to the WØEQO and WØZSW remote bases using the RCForb client software from Download the RCForb client for Windows from or RCFOrb Android app from Google Play. Contact Pat WAØTDA ( ) for approval to access the remote bases. You can also listen in via a webSDR or if you can listen but not transmit from your location; send me an email that you’re listening and will check you in.
I can’t think of a better way of proving the social contact aspect of Amateur Radio at cautious times like this than getting on the air to gather when we can’t gather in person.
Fire up your radio and join SARA for the Get On The Air Meeting!.

Joe Heitzinger, KCØOIO
President – Stillwater Amateur Radio Association
Assistant Director – ARRL Dakota Division