Thanks for taking the time to take a look at the Bloomington Amateur Radio Association.

We are a group of amateur radio operators based out of Bloomington, MN. Monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month (except July and August).


West Bloomington 147.09+ Tone: 100.0 Hz
Central Bloomington 443.175+ DCS 047

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Become an Operator

Looking for information on how to become an amateur radio operator? Find information on upcoming classes, exams as well as study information for all levels here.

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2019 Club Officers

President: Bill Mitchell (AEØEE)
Vice President: Martha Lamas-Krogstad (KEØTL)
Secretary: Dan Royer (KEØOR)
Treasurer: Steve Huntsman (AAØP)

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Technician License Study Class

Get started in a fun hobby where you can communicate around the world or across town. This class is sponsored by the Maple Grove Radio Club – a service oriented club serving the Northwest suburbs by providing assistance to public safety, hospitals, parades, fun runs, bike tours, and antique car runs to mention a few.

This is a study class where we will assist you with your learning. That means that
you are expected to study between classes.

When: Monday’s starting February 10th. Class usually runs ten weeks. Class time 6:45 – 9:15 pm

Where: Life Assembly Church, 6900 West Fish Lake Road, Maple Grove, MN 55311
Cost: $20 registration fee due first night of class. You will also need to purchase the ARRL text book which is
titled The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, Fourth Edition for about $29. We have a limited number of manuals available for sale.

Details will be emailed to you after you register for the class.

To Register or get answers to your questions: Email
Please include your name, Address, and phone contact information as well as your email address.
The Technician License exam will be offered on the last night of class, April 13th, for an additional fee of about $15.

To learn more about the Maple Grove Radio Club, please visit:

December Meeting: Note Location

The December 3 meeting of the Bloomington Amateur Radio Association will take place at 7:30 PM at Davanni’s Pizza at 86th and Lyndale in Bloomington. Note that this is a different location than the rest of our monthly meetings, but is the regular location for our December meetings.

Officer elections are coming up. If you would like to nominate yourself for any of the officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), please be in touch with Dan (KE0OR). He can be reached at [his callsign]

Transmitter Hunt Practice Saturday 9/21

Weather Update

Despite rain in the morning, the activity is go for a 1:00 PM start time.


There was a lot of interest in the hidden transmitter hunt last week. At our monthly meeting, there were requests for a program on the final few meters of searching, covering both theory and practice. Accordingly, at 1:00 PM CDT on Saturday, September 21st we will have a hidden transmitter hunt (2-meter) practice session in Tarnhill Park (98th St. and Little Rd.) in Bloomington. The practice session will focus on on-foot techniques and relatively simple equipment. Bring what transmitter hunting equipment you have; there will be some extra gear available for use.

This is a fair-weather activity, and a final go/no-go decision will be made by 7 AM CDT on Saturday 9/21 and propagated on the BARA website post for this event.


  • Built-in attenuator
  • Polarization
  • Third (and other) harmonic hunting
  • Slight frequency offsets
  • Body fade
  • Triangulation
  • Hunting with an omnidirectional antenna
  • Step attenuators (PDF)
  • Offset attenuators


  • 146.565 MHz transmitter
  • 439.695 MHz 3rd harmonic
  • 293.130 MHz 2nd harmonic
  • 147.090 MHz (+600 kHz, no tone) voice repeater


Go/No-go weather decision has been made, activity is go for 1:00 PM start time.

Hidden Transmitter Hunt Thursday 8/29

With a stretch of nice weather in the forecast, it’s time to dust off the transmitter hunting gear! This Thursday (8/29/19), the Bloomington Amateur Radio Association will be hosting a transmitter hunt, beginning at 6:30 PM at Bloomington Civic Plaza from the parking lot on the west side of the building (near the southwest entrance).

The field of play will be the City of Bloomington, bounded on the west by US HWY 169, to the north by I-494, and to the south and east by the Minnesota River.

Format: Two hidden transmitters; one 500 mW to 1 W, the other 10-20 mW and in the general vicinity of the stronger transmitter. The transmitters will be on alternate 1-minute transmit windows.

Accessibility: A vehicle will be required for finding the transmitters, but at-home operators (in Bloomington and possibly surrounding municipalities) with omnidirectional or directional antennas can still contribute with coordinated hunting (see Resources below for tips from WB4APR). On-foot hunting is expected to take up to a mile of walking on sidewalks, dirt/grass paths, or over cut grass.

Difficulty: This is intended to be a beginner-friendly event, and those without directional antennas are encouraged to take part in a coordinated hunt (see Resources below). With sunset at 7:56 PM, the event will be complete around 8:00–8:15 PM.

Two hidden transmitters: 146.565 MHz FM
Safety and administrative: 147.090 MHz, +600 kHz, no tone, analog FM (KD0CL VHF repeater)
Coordinated hunting: 443.175 MHz, +5 MHz, DCS 047 (TX and RX), analog FM (KD0CL UHF repeater; repeater is Yaesu C4FM capable, but please use analog for this event)

Homing In, and specifically this page on first-time hunting techniques and equipment.
Bob Bruninga’s (WB4APR) Direction Finding Tips for those with Omnidirectional Antennas.
K6KN’s Presentation for SFARC on Transmitter Hunting.

Parks, roads, and lakes of Bloomington (PDF).

Bill; AE0EE[at]

8/26/19 0105z: Added K6KN presentation link.
8/26/19 1846z: WB9CFN looking for teammate.
8/28/19 1652z: Added printable map of Bloomington.
8/29/19 1746z: Corrected UHF repeater frequency, 444.375 443.175 MHz.
8/29/19 2105z: Updated printable map to be more grayscale friendly.

Further updates will be added to this post on the BARA website.

February Meeting Cancelled, Replaced by Net

With the bad weather and road conditions, there will be no in-person meeting for the Bloomington Amateur Radio Association tonight. At 7:30 PM, we will instead host a net on the 147.090 (+600 kHz, no tone) repeater.

If there is interest after the net on our primary repeater, we may move to the 443.175 (+5 MHz, DCS 047) repeater, although its coverage is not as large.

The next in-person meeting will be Tuesday, March 5, 2019.