Fox Hunt (organized by Hams of Insignificant Value)

Jim, K0QEI, has passed along this information on an upcoming transmitter hunt in the Twin Cities metro area:

The Hams of Insignificant Value will be holding a Fox Hunt on Saturday October 3, 2020. The hunt will begin at 1330 hours. 

The meeting point will be at the West Saint Paul City Hall, 1616 Humboldt Avenue (behind the big dome near Robert Street and Wentworth Ave).  Gathering will start at 1230, but if you need more time to get set up, you may arrive earlier. There should be ample room in the north lot

There will be 3 Foxes. The frequency of the first fox will be given prior to the start of the hunt and hunters will be given time, if they choose, to position themselves in the area or remain at the meet point.  The fox will be then be turned on at 1330 hours.  The frequency for Fox 2 will be given at Fox 1 and Fox 3 at Fox 2. Fox 3 will provide details for the finish/meeting point for the end of the hunt.

There will be driving and walking involved as each fox is roughly 1-2 miles apart.

Talk-in and assistance will be on 146.52 simplex.

RSVP to N0EIZ(at)

RSVP is not required, but requested to determine number of hunters.